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No technical knowledge is needed to design your online store.

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How To Run Your Online Store

Setting up your online branchbob store is plain sailing. It's a pretty quick process. Just create an account by typing in the name of your store, your email address, and setting a password. You can now add your products to your store and other vital information. For instance, your delivery methods, how you can be contacted, and customer payment options.

You can run every aspect of your store with branchbob. Multiple tools are available to help you sell handmade products online, including a dashboard for managing inventory, customer data, and other store functions.

You can also use our beautiful and free templates to design and customize your store and create other content. Examples of the latter include an About Us page, your logo, terms and conditions, and any other additional relevant information your might customers need.

You can also offer customers a selection of reliable payment platforms. These include Mastercard, PayPal, and Amazon Pay. Alternatively, you can accept cash upon delivery.

It's safe to say that branchbob gives you all the tools you need to sell handmade products successfully.

Use branchbob To Grow Your Online Store

Once you’ve started to sell handmade products, it’s time to expand your store to reach an even broader audience and make more sales. To help with this, use branchbob's SEO (search engine optimization) and utilize various apps and plugins found in our App Store. These include buy buttons, analytics, and social media channels.

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