The perfect About Us Page

If you knew that the 'About Us' page is on average one of the most visited pages on your website or online shop, would you still only revise and maintain it so rarely? It has been proven that customers who read through the 'About Us' page to the end are 30% more likely to complete their purchase and on average are willing to spend more money on it. A good 'About Us' page is therefore worthwhile in any case. We have convinced you to revise your 'About Us' page once again? Then let's get going!

1. Catch everyone with your headline

'About us', 'team' or 'who we are' could be a fitting name for the link, on which your customer has to click to get to your 'About us' page. The title of your page should say something else, not take up this name again, but contain a statement or a request, which makes your customers curious and appeals to them. Especially on the World Wide Web it is more and more often noticed that long articles are only being flown over after a few lines of actual reading. An attention-grabbing and memorable headline can, however, keep this interest alive and ensure that your 'About Us' page is not immediately dismissed as boring and run-of-the-mill. Chimpify set a good example:

2. Show them you could be the neighbor across the street

There are enough 'About Us' pages that only contain contact information or standard texts that are being forgotten after a few minutes. So take time to write your 'About Us' page and do it best in a moment when you feel like doing it, because it will be reflected in your texts. What customers ultimately want to find on 'About Us' is that you are one of them, a down-to-earth person who has built his or her own business with diligence and passion. Nobody likes to listen to people who praise themselves too much, whether it's your person's awards or the university you graduated at. Instead, tell them what else you like to do besides work and build trust with your customers that is worth its weight in gold on the Internet. This should include a friendly picture of yourself and your team, as the 'card box' is showing it: